Imagen Representative of the character that Onbely 01 faces within the telegram communities where he supports as a butler.

Guide to Onbely 01

Who I am?

Hi I'm 01,👋👋
And I'm here to give you information About how wonderful Onbely is,❤️ 
I have several smart reply features, I react to different keywords and support your community
Add me to your group to enjoy my functions. 
I will keep your community served and informed.
⚠️Remember that ⚠️ 
I need to be an admin to be able to serve your community and not put myself as 🥶anonymous🥶

How can I help you?

I am programmed to be an efficient Moderator of the VIP communities of the artists, as well as for the communities that are friends and collaborators of Onbely.
From social moderation, to thought and jokes.
My functions are to facilitate moderation and the efficient flow of information in the communities.
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