What is Onbely?




A music monetization platform. Created by artists and for Artists, which promotes the fair monetization of the digital market and not artistic prostitution.




What does our work consist of?




We manage your Artistic Career. We promote artists towards artistic, economic and commercial success.




Can we solve a problem?




That is exactly what we are focused on, read on and you will see that our solutions are aimed at all areas of the music industry involved.
Studies show that in a period of one year, Users do not consume more than 500 songs, of which only 25% are new to their playlist. This occurs due to the monochromatic trend contained in the musical productions of the last 10 years. We solve this difficulty ... thanks to the operation and planning with which the artists interact with Onbely, we guarantee creative and high quality music for our users.
We know that as a result of the Pandemic (codiv19), both tours, concerts and presentations have been greatly affected by their face-to-face nature. These activities constitute 85% of all income earned by an artist. We solved that problem ... We provide our artists with a billing system with a 70% return on sales, leaving substantial and sufficient profits for our artists to have an economic and commercial advance in their artistic career.
Production Houses, Artistic Managers and Promoting Agencies do their work ... but the return on investment made by artists is very low because they use all these resources in an unviable market to generate profits. Onbely solves this problem ... Offering a tangible and substantial advance in this regard, thanks to its high profitability.




What sets us apart from other companies of this type?




Onbely doesn't pay for views. Our billing system is based on direct sales, it is the reason that allows us to present a billing performance table with such good benefits.
Onbely has a social system that allows direct interactions with our artists. As if it were a common social network, our users will be able to: like, dislike, comment and share each song. They can also use our internal chat to communicate with each other and with our artists. Our users will be able to share the music of their choice with their family and friends.
We face the market with the absolute truth. We do not pay for the reproductions, so it will not be possible to take shortcuts in our systems. Sales are the only way and for that our artists will need real followers, they must acquire their music and thus support their careers.




How does it work?




 In Onbely there are no subscriptions as in other platforms of its type, nor aggressive advertising that interrupts its users in their moment of delight when they are listening to a song. Users will pay for the music they want to listen to if the artist has not previously placed it for free.
6. How can I join Onbely?
Onbely has three forms of participation:








In this mode, you will access the platform for free of Memberships or aggressive advertising. You can listen to free music for free and buy paid music.
Interact with the artists of your choice thanks to our social systems within Onbely
Share music with family and friends.
Create playlists easily with very simple steps.








This modality has the same qualities as a user, and you can also Upload and Sell your music on our Platform.




Grants the following facilities:
1- Membership of Instaxion (from it, we monitor the movement in SOCIAL NETWORKS)
Standalone cost $ 50
2- Sales funnel.
Standalone cost $ 120
3- Segmentation of followers
Standalone cost $ 50
 As you can see, getting an Onbely Artist membership saves a lot of standalone expenses that are necessary for a successful marketing campaign and achieving sales. P.S.




VIP Artists (NFT Market):




To have this category, artists must be part of the Hall of Fame through their results. With it they will receive profits for this secondary market. In this category we propose the propagation of art through natural interaction with followers through video games, investment and collection. Where everyone can have a return on investment in a fun way in addition to supporting the artist's career.




Structure of the NFT collection .




-NFT of the artist: General data, work, name, networks, etc…




- General VIP Passes: Access to advance sales with improved prices.




- Artist VIP Pass: Intimate communication with the artist. Entrance to the communities.




- Artist Passes: Passes to events.




- 24h Invitation Passes: Followers can access the metaverse without investment.




- Musical Instruments: More benefits to the players (piano, guitar, drumsticks) with different rarities with different prices and economic returns.




- Music NFT: With graphic representation to be able to play with the songs. They will be presented in three difficulties, easy, medium and difficult.




How do I become an Artist?
You must request a representative in our Telegram group
Telegram group
We will meet frequently in an audio chat, join us and participate

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