Wax Wallet

How to create Wax wallet 2022

Creating a new wallet always seems difficult. 
But the truth is that after creating it, you realize that it was not. 
In the case of Wax Wallet, it is no different.
To help you in that process, we created this precise and detailed article.
Read Carefully
1-Buy some $WAXP on any of the popular exchange platforms. (With only 10 dollars of wax you are left over.)

2-Go to Wax Cloud Wallet
WAX Cloud Wallet - Google Chrome
Wax Cloud Wallet will offer you many ways to create an account, choose the one of your preference. Once registered in the system, this ad will appear.
WAX Cloud Wallet - Googasdle Chrome
Accept the terms and conditions if you agree with them. 
And check the box where you notify that you are over 18 years of age. 
Then the process continues with this view.
WAX Cloud Wwax 2 steallet - Google Chrome
At this point, you should know that the most important thing about this transaction that you will do is the (MEMO), the wallet is the same for everyone. But the memo is the one who notifies Wax blockchain that it is you who is paying the wallet you are configuring. It is important that this is done correctly.
From this step the wallet will be created without problems and will have this structure(*******.wam). It will appear at the top right of the wax cloud wallet. To add funds, you only have to send waxp to that wallet that the system grants you.
Then tap Stake Waxp in the wallet resources. But you will have no problem doing so wax cloud wallet offers you the very clear choice. You will need Stake Waxp to add CPU RAM and NET to your wallet.
WAX Cloud qweWallet - Google Chrome
Once these steps have been completed, you already have a wax wallet ready to use.
You are now ready to acquire assets from our NFT collection
But if after reading this article you still have any specific questions, go to our community and ask for some help. 
At ONBELY we are a great family with pleasure any of our Directors or Members will assist you.
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